CHH Plug & Play Concept


CHH’s Plug & Play solutions enables engineering intensive & time bound field/site installations to be carried out with the minimum of disruption to public services at an effective cost. The following is an example of a Plug & Play solution designed for use with Traffic Signals and controllers but the concept can be used across a platform of applications requiring power, signal and data.



To reduce the time on site it is intended that sockets are fitted into the base of the controller, enabling installers on site to plug in cables with pre-terminated plugs. This means cables are plugged straight in to the base with no wiring to complete, as all of the wiring to the controller will be done in the factory. Cable sets are pre-labelled to ease identification of install.



  • Reduction in install time from 5 working days to 1 working day for a standard 8 pole Junction
  • Greatly reduces expensive engineers time on site
  • Pre-terminated cables ensure consistency of quality due to being produced in a manufacturing environment not on site in all weathers
  • Fully tested end-to-end guarantying quality of product
  • Poor weather conditions has less of an impact of installs
  • Savings made cost effective solution
    • Engineering hours and/or reduction in skills required for installs
    • Cost of traffic management
    • Reduces risk or eliminates expensive penalties for contract over-runs
    • Risk reduction for H&SE due to reduction to site time and working at height