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For more than 30 years we have been delivering practical, functional and innovative connectivity solutions.

Our Design, Engineering and Manufacturing team specialises in the production of integrated systems, enclosures, active cabinet solutions and cable & loom assemblies for a broad range of industries. This forms a critical part of digital infrastructure, powering the move to smart cities, facilitating electric vehicle adoption, enabling smart meter devices, and ensuring connected communications at all times.


From our dedicated facility in the West Midlands, our complete solutions fit both the design specifications and environmental elements of the spaces in which they operate. Our research and development team is continually looking for new ways to make these solutions more efficient and effective, resulting in new product development including our patented Air Exchange Unit which supports equipment densification and product resilience.


Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we.

Understanding the connectivity solutions you need today to cope with the growing demands of tomorrow is no easy task. With 30 years’ experience operating at the heart of smart, our design engineering and manufacturing division has been working on future-proof rack and cabinet solutions that are as reliable today as they were when they were first installed. We specialise in solving complex connectivity problems.

Here are just a few of the projects our team has contributed to:

Smart Meter Rollout

CHH was instrumental in the original infrastructure rollout of more than 850 cabinet and integrated rack systems for the North of England and Scotland as part of the first phase of the UK’s smart meter rollout. Once providers moved on to installing smart meters into premises, we then started providing a wide range of consumables to field engineers as part of our managed service offering. We have since kept field engineers supplied with all their vital tools, consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE) on a next day delivery basis, enabling them to spend more time in the field carrying out smart meter installations much more efficiently.

Plug and Play Solutions

Our Plug & Play solutions enable engineering intensive & time bound field/site installations to be carried out with the minimum of disruption to public services at an effective cost. To reduce time on site it is intended that sockets are fitted into the base of the controller, enabling installers on site to plug in cables with pre-terminated plugs. This means cables are plugged straight into the base with no wiring to complete, as all of the wiring to the controller will be done in the factory. Cable sets are pre-labelled to ease identification of install.


CHH has a footprint in several vertical markets, through both our design, engineering & manufacturing division, and our managed services team.

Meet the team

Behind the scenes of CHH’s success to date is our people; people who live and breathe our company values in every aspect of life, whether they are in leadership or supporting roles.


Here are the people who keep our business and the country moving:

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