VFP Platinum

CHH Conex Platinum Fire Cable, certified and approved by LPCB and BASEC to fully meet BS 7629-1 fire performance & BS 5839 code of practice requirements of 'STANDARD 60'

NoBurn Platinum holds certifications from LPCB and BASEC, ensuring full compliance with the fire performance requirements of BS 7629-1 and the code of practice outlined in BS 5839 for ‘Standard 60’ fire cables used in fire systems. This premium product is exclusively manufactured in the United Kingdom.


The standards we comply with:

LPCB & BASEC approved


Approved and Certified

STANDARD Fire Cable                                   BS 5839-1:2017 Clause 26.2d

Fire Resistance Standard                                BS EN 50200:2015+Annex E 30 mins

Fire Resistance Standard                                BS EN 50200:2015 PH30, PH60 & PH120

Fire Resistance Standard                                BS 7629-1:2015 Standard 60

Fire Resistance Standard                                BS 6387:2013 CWZ

Halogen Emission Standard                            BS EN 60754-1:2014

Low Smoke Standard                                      BS EN 61034-2:2005+A1:2013

Bunched Flame Retardancy                            BS EN 60332-3-24 & 3-25:2009

ETP 1 High Grade Copper                              BS 60228 Inc, Corrigendum 1

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