Design & Engineering

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Exceptional product innovation
Project & supply chain management
Best in class lead times
Build to print or bespoke design

From our dedicated facility in the West Midlands, we design bespoke cabinet and enclosure solutions which fit both the design specifications and environmental elements of the spaces in which they operate.

Our research and development team is continually looking for new ways to make these solutions more efficient and effective, resulting in new product development including air exchange products and design techniques which support densification.

Our in-house design team works in close collaboration with our customers to ensure all our cabinet, cable assembly and enclosure designs fit exacting specifications, exceeding performance requirements. We understand that there can be no one-size-fits all approach to our product design and indeed some industries come with highly demanding requirements.

CHH products are designed to integrate into existing specifications, but for applications where more bespoke work is required, we support on design, materials sourcing, manufacture and testing to ensure a high performing solution is provided. The majority of our design work is done in partnership with our customers with a very high degree of customisation. Even complex requirements can be satisfied.

Our case studies

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