Technical knowledge & expertise
Exceptional product innovation
Project & supply chain management
Best in class lead times
Build to print or bespoke design

Our Design, Engineering and Manufacturing team specialises in the production of integrated systems, enclosures, and active cabinet solutions for a wealth of industries including telecoms, rail, aerospace, defence, automotive, medical, logistics, and smart metering.

This forms a critical part of the UK’s digital infrastructure, powering the move to smart cities, facilitating electric vehicle adoption, enabling smart meter devices, and ensuring connected communications at all times.

With a proven track record of manufacturing solutions for various industries, you can be sure that anything produced by our dedicated manufacturing team has been completed to the highest standards. Our state-of-the-art production facility in the West Midlands is equipped with cutting edge machine tools and the latest equipment to ensure consistent high quality manufacturing.

CHH has industry leading on time delivery which coupled with our reputation for high quality are the reasons many businesses turn to us for manufacturing services. We aim to build relationships with buyers where we can highlight how our supply chain solutions and innovative engineering combine to create a lower total acquisition cost than the current state.

CHH’s manufacturing team also has a focus on sustainability. We have extensive processes in place to reduce waste and manufacturing defects, together with practices which enable us to reduce overall energy consumption and utilise renewable energy sources where possible. Our focus is on minimising our impact on the environment as much as possible and reducing the distance all materials and products have to travel, in order to reduce scope three supply emissions.

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