Hidden Heroes

Three Ways Managed Services Keeps Your World Moving

Few industries are as critical to the future smart cities agenda as managed services. In fact, the global telecom managed services market size reached USD 20.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 13.6% before 2030[1]. At CHH, it’s a promising area of business, already contributing significantly to our annual revenues, and with potential to increase even further. Yet, like so many critical telecoms services, managed services support works best when it goes unnoticed; when our hidden heroes perform their everyday superpowers to keep industry and the world moving. Here are some of the ways our managed services team quietly goes about its duties, unseen and unheard, to keep the world moving.



    1. Helping people measure and monitor energy consumption

One of the flagship projects our managed services team took on which contributed to significant business growth was the UK’s smart meter rollout. Over the past few years, we have been providing critical managed services support to the project to ensure that rapid installation deadlines can be met across the country. The meter deployment element of the project means field engineers can order all their vital tools, consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE) online for next day delivery. This enables engineers to spend more time in the field carrying out smart meter installations much more efficiently, connecting homes and business faster and helping achieve overall national energy consumption reduction targets.



    1. Boxing clever with smart lockers

No doubt you’ve come across smart lockers in urban areas more than once. These intelligent locker systems are as smart as they are convenient, ensuring security for users. Our managed services team is working with ByBox to utilise these devices through the storage of spare parts and tools, rapidly accessible to engineers to make in-field repairs which keep critical services and hardware operational. There are several ways to authorise access to an individual: through private pins, QR codes, digital signatures and more. When a locker transaction is complete, it automates a notification to the sender to keep a record of locker activity. This ensures that repairs and maintenance can be carried out quickly and efficiently on location, expensive parts are stored securely and safely, and returns are more traceable and efficient.



    1. Laying the foundation for connected mobility

As our managed services team continues to excel in smart meter installation, we are utilising our knowledge and experience to contribute towards a future of more connected mobility.

With more EVs on the road, questions are arising surrounding how and where people will charge these vehicles, the capability of the national grid to cope with demand fluctuations, and the efficient use of electricity for such purposes. Our managed services team is already starting to answer some of these questions through our work in smart meters.

These in-home devices can create more intelligent grid functionality, enabling EVs to be charged during periods of off-peak power demand, therefore smoothing out huge increases and falls in power consumption nationally. However, the potential for managed services growth at CHH goes beyond this. With the advent of smart charging, CHH can work with value chain partners to develop unique vehicle-to-grid technologies which create more reliable, effective and resource-efficient energy storage systems. The future could see EV owners generating income from their vehicles by harnessing power and selling it back to the grid, to be redistributed to areas of high consumption. All this could be possible by following the same logic and infrastructure that has made smart meters such an important part of our lives.


Hidden growth


Our managed services team may be young in comparison to the rest of our company, but it remains one of our most important business divisions for our customers. As the country moves towards greater connectivity, data intelligence and sophistication, our managed services team is committed to providing hidden heroes who quietly make everything work in perfect harmony.

[1] https://www.reportsanddata.com/report-detail/telecom-managed-services-market

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