CHH integration & Sichert polycarbonate cabinet solutions will future proof your communications

CHH CoNeX is a preferred partner for Berthold Sichert, market leader in the development and manufacture of polycarbonate cabinets

Polycarbonate cabinets offer a host of benefits compared to their metal counterparts – this, combined with CHH’s design, technical and manufacturing experience, delivers a bespoke communications solution tailored to a customer individual requirements

The modular design of the cabinets means that individual units can be modified or upgraded in isolation, which also allows for internal equipment to be reconfigured and damaged parts replaced on site without any interruption to services. Polycarbonate cabinets are also lightweight, allowing for ease of installation as they do not require the concrete base needed for the heavier metal versions

As a material, polycarbonate is as strong as metal, but unlike metal, will not weaken or corrode, and is flame resistant, giving the cabinets better durability and a longer product life. Polycarbonate has no effect on radio frequency (RF) signals, allowing 4G and 5G signals to pass through, unlike metal alternatives that block these frequencies. This means that polycarbonate cabinets can add value through a secondary use, for example, for accommodating sensors to be used for monitoring and data collection purposes

Speaking about the partnership, Tim Hughes, Managing Director at CHH, said: “Sichert has a reputation for quality in development and engineering. We’re really pleased that its polycarbonate cabinets will provide an innovative solution within our communications infrastructure networks”

For more details contact Spencer Franklin 0121 344 6316

Polycarbonate  cabinets – the facts.


  • Quick to deploy, reduced on site engineer time
  • Modular in design with different door, roof, side panel and plinth configurations
  • Easy to handle – 3x lighter than aluminium, 8x lighter than steel
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable
  • No need for expensive crane or lifting equipment, no disruptive road closures
  • Slower to react to temperature changes, stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter – this results in reduced humidity/condensation which is a big issue with temperature variance
  • Bespoke base plate to prevent damp and water entering a cabinet via the ground, the biggest source of moisture problems in cabinets
  • Less use screws, nuts, bolts, hinges – hinges especially prone to rust issues
  • Dedicated antenna location in roof space (5G ready)
  • Space in door frame to accommodate sensors (IOT ready)
  • No need for concrete bases, no waiting time for concrete to cure, refill hole with hardcore and earth, more environmentally acceptable
  • Internal items can be reconfigured on site, damaged parts can be changed on site, changes can be made without interruption of service
  • Long life span expectation in excess of 50 years, up to 30 year warranty available
  • Will not corrode
  • Polycarbon has no effect on RF signal
  • An electrical and a thermal isolator
  • Flame resistant
  • Profiled surface, to prevent bill posting
  • Can be sprayed with an anti graffiti coating


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