How Managed Services helps business meet their sustainability ambitions

For a long time, we’ve all lived and worked in a wasteful world. It became almost too easy to dispose of products once they showed a fault – and also too affordable to replace them rather than fix them. However, with sustainability taking front and centre in everybody’s priorities, particularly post Covid, attitudes are changing and the desire to keep products in life for as long as possible, and recycle, re-use or remanufacture them at end-of-life, has never been higher.

One way that this is made possible is through managed services provision, which helps keeps engineers productive in the field for maintenance and repairs, minimising waste, maximising engineer productivity, ensuring safe storage of parts and reducing time on the road for maintenance vans.

As an example, take CHH CoNeX’s work in the telecommunications sector. This sees us utilise smart locker systems nationwide to provide critical managed services solutions for installation and maintenance engineers as part of the roll out of smart meters which will keep the UK connected.

CHH CoNeX has been supporting this roll out by partnering with a number of key players in the market. Over the past few years, we have been helping large field engineering teams to become more efficient by reducing the distances engineers need to travel to collect essential equipment and spare parts. This also ensures that repairs and maintenance can be carried out quickly and efficiently on location, expensive parts are stores securely and safely, and returns are more traceable and efficient, when made via the secure locker network.

The logistics of this has a number of sustainability benefits. It significantly reduces energy use in both transport and buildings, routes can be planned a lot more effectively and efficiently, which also reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Planned maintenance also saves time, energy and costs when carried out effectively and pre-emptively. It allows parts and components to stay in place for longer, and customers don’t have to dispose of items unnecessarily as they become faulty.

Not only does this keep products in operation for as long as possible, but it also presents the opportunity to close the loop on a more recyclable and sustainable returns process for products that do reach end of life.

With sustainability more of a business priority than ever before, CHH CoNeX is continuing to help customers boost their green credentials through effective managed services support.

And this is just our managed services. We also provide our integrated cabinets in a number of materials that have environmental benefits, but that is for us to explore in another article.

Could we help you achieve your sustainability objectives, especially if you need to keep a track of your Scope 3 emissions. Talk to us today and see how we can help.


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