CHH launches its sustainability strategy – Using smart connectivity to support the triple bottom line

At CHH we are committed to ensuring that our growth journey secures success by meeting the needs of the triple bottom line…people, profit and planet. We have spent the last several months developing a robust Sustainability Strategy to embed ESG principles throughout our operations and help us thrive as an ethical and responsible business. The launch of our Sustainability Plan 2024 (CHH Sustainability Plan) allows us to set out our ambitions and engage with all our stakeholders as CHH plays its part in helping secure a better future for all.

With three decades of manufacturing experience, CHH is a trusted partner for those looking to revolutionise connectivity. We are in an ideal position to deliver solutions that support smart city development and the creation of more sustainable urban centres. Our Sustainability Strategy will help us maximise the positive impacts of our solutions. At the same time, it provides us with a framework to drive positive interventions across our own organisation and reduce CHH’s carbon footprint.

The journey so far

CHH’s mission is to drive the roll out of smart connectivity by providing full turn-key sustainable solutions. In 2022 the business changed ownership and has undergone a major transformation to exploit global opportunities. As we entered the next phase of growth, we took the opportunity to explore how we might do that in a sustainable manner.

We recognise that engaging with the ESG agenda is not only a moral imperative but helps exploit new commercial opportunities and future proof our operations. CHH began working with consultancy Wylde Connections on developing a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy. They began by taking a deep dive into our business before delivering a carefully curated programme of sessions including conducting SWOT and PESTLE analyses through a sustainability lens and Value Chain and Stakeholder Mapping.

Wylde’s consultants went on to help us conduct a Materiality Assessment to highlight the issues most important to our business and our stakeholders. They then presented us with a Gap Analysis and key recommendations to inform our Action Plan and Road Map.

Embedding sustainable practice

The culmination of all this work is a strategy that will exploit ESG principles and practices to take us to the next stage of growth. It outlines how we will minimise negative impacts and embrace positive interventions to serve the interests of all our stakeholders and to act as an environmentally responsible business.

Our Sustainability Plan highlights the role we will play in driving sustainable smart city development both domestically, as well as internationally through our new division based in the Middle East.

At the same time, we will provide solutions that help customers enjoy the benefits of a circular business model. We have developed an end-to-end value proposition that helps keep resources in the value chain. CHH can now act as a one-stop-shop for smart connectivity, providing services that improve the performance and extend the life of products, including retrofits, maintenance and repairs and reverse logistics.

Future focus

We have come a long way in developing our Sustainability Strategy, but this is an ongoing journey, and we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. As you will see from the Sustainability Plan, we have created a Road Map with key milestones in implementing our Action Plan. From establishing baseline emissions and delivering a carbon reduction programme, to ensuring all suppliers adhere to responsible practices, CHH is setting ambitious targets.

We are excited about taking this work to the next level and ensuring stakeholders join us on our journey. CHH is keen to collaborate with partners across the industry and develop smart connectivity solutions that support decarbonisation whilst looking beyond Net Zero to embrace sustainability in its widest sense.

Get in touch to learn how CHH’s smart connectivity solutions can help boost your ESG credentials.


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