CHH restructures to seize new market opportunities

Six months following the appointment of new owners, Midlands telecoms business CHH has completed a strategic restructuring as it prepares for future growth.

The company has split its operations into two distinct divisions, CHH Design Engineering and Manufacturing and CHH Managed Services. The two divisions are being headed up by Liz Scott and Laura Leese respectively and will offer the business high growth opportunities in the years to come.

Managed Services has proved to be a rapidly increasing area for CHH and is already worth more than the £12m in revenue it generated in 2021.  Capitalising on several growth opportunities, this year the business unit is on track to account for £16m of CHH’s forecasted £26m revenue.

The Managed Services team played a key role in the original infrastructure rollout of more than 850 cabinet and integrated rack systems for the North of England and Scotland as part of the first phase of the UK’s smart meter rollout.

Once providers moved on to installing smart meters into premises, CHH started providing a wide range of consumables to field engineers as part of its offering as well as providing vital PPE during the pandemic in order to keep vital services operational. Demand for this provision led to CHH investing heavily in its Managed Services team, adding new personnel as well as training existing team members. This has ensured that the high performance levels of achieving 99.5% for On Time Deliveries has been met consistently.

The company’s Design, Engineering and Manufacturing department is also busy, with the design and production of rack and cabinet solutions, used to house critical components to support the UK’s digital infrastructure upgrade. This service has already helped to secure two new major contracts in the Alternative Network (AltNet) space. With confirmed orders already secured for 2023 and a growing sales pipeline, the company is planning to further expand its Manufacturing and Managed Services departments, including investing in not only current premises and resources, but expanding its footprint into an additional facility by the end of 2022.

Paul Turner, CEO of CHH, took over the business in March 2022 with co-director Cory McFarlane. Turner commented: “Before Cory and I took over at CHH, I knew it was a business primed for growth. Our recent restructuring aims to give the business more focus on some of our high growth opportunities. Managed Services is a great example of a service provision that has grown organically over the past few years and continues to feed our new business pipeline. This, together with some of the innovation coming out of our Manufacturing division puts us in a very good position to significantly increase our turnover this year.”

Cory McFarlane, the new COO at CHH, added: “It made sense to promote talent from within the business and we have appointed longstanding team members Liz Scott and Laura Leese to run the two divisions. Both women have considerable experience working at CHH and understand our culture and values. They’re both committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers in all sectors.”

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