CHH‘s Smart Connectivity Solutions Set to Supercharge the UK’s Electric Vehicle Revolution

CHH is committed to providing complete solutions designed to help connect the world for a smarter, sustainable future. As the UK continues on its path to Net Zero, our expertise will prove invaluable in helping reduce the nation’s carbon footprint and boost adoption of clean green technology. Look no further than the electric vehicle (EV) market where we are helping our customers accelerate the roll out of EV charging to decarbonise Britain’s transport sector.

Supporting sustainable mobility

Transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gases, producing 26% of the UK’s total emissions in 2021. Phasing out fossil-fuelled road transport and increasing EV uptake is critical in combating climate change. The pressure is on to provide people with the support they need to make the switch.

The government has set a path for all new cars to be zero emission by 2035. It will require 80% of new cars and 70% of new vans sold in Great Britain to be zero emission by 2030, increasing to 100% five years later.

According to SMMT, in October, electrified vehicles accounted for 37.6% of all new car registrations. Uptake is accelerating, although there are barriers to really upscaling adoption. One of the main challenges is getting the charging infrastructure in place.

Supercharging EV

The number of UK EV charging points has increased by 43% compared to last year and now stands at almost 50,000. Yet if the government is to meet its target of hitting 300,000 by 2030, it will need to transform our EV infrastructure.

The race is on to boost charging capabilities responding to increased demand not only for petrol stations and home charging, but facilities in the workplace and public spaces. Many of the customers we work with at CHH are keen to exploit this market opportunity to open new revenue streams by helping develop EV. Their success will depend on tapping into smart connectivity solutions and working with businesses who have a track record in supporting infrastructure roll out.

Proven track record

CHH has been developing connectivity capabilities for more than 30 years and our end-to-end value proposition makes us the partner of choice for customers tasked with scaling up UK infrastructure. We have already demonstrated our credentials in supporting the roll out of smart meters, providing more than 850 cabinet and integrated rack systems for the North of England and Scotland. At the same time, our fast-growing Managed Services division has ensured their field engineers have everything they need for rapid and effective installation.

The smart meter rollout continues but we are now seeing many of our customers adding more engineers to support the rollout of EV. CHH is continually evolving to meet the needs of our customers and where they go, we follow.

We are already supplying cable and consumables to customers who have transitioned to the EV market. Cables are available in a range of specifications and reel sizes. In addition, we are already geared up to provide installers with the tools, PPE, uniform and other consumables they need to keep pace with demand. Everything is available for next day delivery, with a +99% on time in full service and we give peace of mind that professionals can focus on meeting their deadlines.

Our Managed Services team now supports around 15 customers and every month its rapid response service supplies 135,000-plus parts to more than 3,000 engineers. Investment has seen the division appointing new account managers, increasing stock holdings and expanding its warehouse by 20,000 sq ft.

CHH CEO Paul Turner says: “Our current customer base is starting to move from installing smart meters to EV charging. Thanks to our tried and tested solutions, we are responding by selling them the products and services they need to make that shift.”

He adds: “The EV sector is key to driving decarbonisation and we have aggressive growth targets for the market over the next 3 years. We have the expertise and agility to respond to new trends and move quickly and seamlessly from where we are today to where our customers need to be tomorrow.”

Supporting sustainability

That transition to supporting the EV market is aligned with CHH’s core values and ESG mission. We are passionate about securing growth by supporting the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet. Over the last few months we have been developing a robust sustainability strategy with our consultant Wylde Connections. Be it developing connectivity solutions to accelerate the delivery of smart cities, or identifying ways to support the circular economy, we are committed to using our expertise in meeting the needs of people and planet.

By supporting the rollout of EV infrastructure, CHH is taking the next step on the road to becoming an ethical and responsible business. Decarbonising transport is pivotal to tackling climate change. We are excited about playing our part and will continue applying our knowledge and skills to securing a more sustainable connected future.

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