Scale Up of Solar Power to Help Hit Net Zero – CHH Capabilities to Support the Transition to Renewable Energy

CHH has always flexed to meet customer needs and delivering our ambitious growth strategy involves us extending our reach into new markets. As the UK ramps up the roll out of solar power, we are ideally placed to use our smart connectivity solutions to support decarbonisation. Making the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is key to hitting Net Zero and our managed services and design, engineering & manufacturing capabilities can support the scale up of solar installation. As well as opening new revenue streams, the sector is aligned with our sustainability strategy and will help CHH prosper without compromising people and planet.

Supporting the energy revolution

Combating climate change heralds a new era for the energy market. Embracing renewable energy is critical in reducing emissions and the worst impacts of a heating planet. Humanity is still hugely reliant on fossil fuels with renewable energy sources accounting for just 30% of global electricity. The United Nations claims that if we are to meet our Net Zero targets, this must double to more than
60% by 2030, and 90% by 2050. UN chief calls for renewable energy ‘revolution’ for a brighter global future | UN News

Solar power will play a critical role in hitting that target and it is little wonder that the UK government is keen to improve uptake. It is calling for a fivefold increase in solar capacity to hit 70GW by 2035, a drive which it believes will create 60,000 jobs.

Infrastructure scale-up

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics (PV), convert the sun’s energy into electricity that can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. According to Solar Energy UK, there are already close to a million solar PV systems on our houses, and nearly 100,000 solar thermal.

Soaring energy prices are encouraging more people to invest in panels and installers have seen a significant uptick in demand since bill payers started feeling the squeeze. In the first half of 2023 there were more than 60,000 solar panel installations in the UK which the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) says sets a record. Consumers not only get to benefit from renewable energy in their own home but can sell excess electricity to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee Smart Export Guarantee (SEG): earn money for exporting the renewable electricity you have generated – GOV.UK (

Utility providers are committed to an ambitious programme of solar panel installation and many of CHH’s customers are partnering with them to make the shift from smart meter to PV roll-out. For instance, one of CHH’s top partners, Bespoke Metering Solutions Ltd, works with industry leading manufacturers and uses the highest quality components to install residential and commercial PV. Covering properties across the country, the business also offers the option of battery storage so that green energy can be used as and when it is needed.

Bespoke Metering Solutions’ Managing Director Gareth McKenna says: “Solar is a fast-growing market and a couple of years ago we took the opportunity to secure all the relevant training and accreditations to be able to support installations of solar panels in both commercial and residential settings. We now install on behalf of two major energy suppliers and business is really ramping up. Next year we’ll go from having eight installation teams to 40 or 50 to meet that growing demand.”

He adds: “We have a long-standing relationship with CHH. They have proved a very valuable partner and have shown great agility to adapt their offer so that they can provide us with what we need to succeed in the solar market.”

Smart solution partners

CHH is in prime position to benefit from the boom in solar installation and support roll out through smart connectivity solutions. Our fast-growing Managed Services division is already well respected across the smart metering market for supplying field engineers with everything required for a successful installation. They provide installation professionals with a range of consumables, tools, PPE and uniform. Everything can be ordered for next day delivery, with a +99% on time in full service. Additionally, CHH already supplies cabling for customers and are speaking to them about what additional cabling needs there are for solar installations. Our agility allows us to supply whatever cabling they need for solar installation in a range of specifications and reel sizes.

Every month CHH’s rapid response service supplies 135,000-plus parts to more than 3,000 engineers. Investment has seen the division appointing new account managers, increasing stock holdings and expanding its warehouse by 20,000 sq ft. We have everything in place to help accelerate solar panel roll out.

In addition, our Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Division has a wealth of experience it can apply to serving the renewable energy sector. CHH’s business started more than three decades ago by designing, engineering and manufacturing wire and cable assemblies in the xxx market and has expanded into other sectors over the years. This core expertise is the reason customers have recently approached us to help develop cable assemblies for the solar market as well. This 30+ year expertise is why customers see CHH as a trusted partner to help with their growth in new areas, particularly renewable energy.

CHH CEO Paul Turner says: “Applying our experience and expertise to support the adoption of renewable energy is a natural next step for our business. We are always responding to the changing needs of our customers and that versatility allows us to become a long-term trusted partner.”

Securing a sustainable future

Moving into the renewable energy market is also aligned with CHH’s sustainability strategy. We are committed to putting ESG at the heart of our growth plans and have a robust action plan to become an ethical and responsible business.

Our new building has its own solar panels on the roof, and we are seeing first-hand the benefits of generating our own energy. It makes sense for people, profit and planet that we now apply our smart connectivity solutions to supporting a market that will help the UK meet its Net Zero commitment and combat the climate crisis.

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