Staying safe in our new reality

Face masks, sanitiser and localised lockdowns are likely to become as big a part of our life over the next few months as coffee, WiFi and avocados. At CHH CoNeX, as we begin to restore our services to full capacity, I wanted to share some of the steps we have taken over the past few weeks to ensure we operate within government health and safety guidelines.
We have always invested in putting the wellbeing of our employees and customers at the fore, so we would like to share with you how we are continuing to do this in the new reality.

Welcome Home

If anything, the past few months has shown us how easy it can be to work from home – WiFi and the distractions of offspring permitting of course! As we gear up our services, we now have the infrastructure and confidence that any of our vulnerable employees can successfully carry out their duties within the safety and comfort of their own homes. As for many businesses, we see working from home as part of our future business model, rather than a ‘perk.’
What’s that on the floor?
We’ve all become used to yellow lines marking out two metre spaces on the floors of supermarkets and shops everywhere, and our factory is no different. We’ve spent considerable time marking out lines on the shopfloor to minimise movement between working areas and ensure social distancing guidelines are being adhered to for as long as is necessary.

You’re on mute!

Remember those days when we all used to gather round a large table in the boardroom and have long, drawn-out meetings that never really went anywhere? Well, now we do it through Zoom – only we’re a lot more productive than we probably all would like to admit we used to be! Video conferencing is now the norm at CHH and is likely to be for some time, so get used to seeing us on your computer screens – just remember to take yourself off mute if you have something to say! We’ve even invested in new video conference technology in our boardroom so that those of us who are able to work in the office can indeed still join you from around the boardroom table.

Cleaners are King (or Queens)!

You can’t move in the CHH headquarters for hand sanitiser right now, and that’s likely to remain the case for some time. We’re performing regular deep cleans of all our working areas to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’ve always valued the help we have received from cleaning partners and at the moment, we’ve never been happier to have them!

Stay at home

All our employees are being encouraged to follow Government guidelines and stay at home if they experience any symptoms of Coronavirus (or any other illness for that matter!). We continue to follow Government guidelines to ensure that as we ramp up production and services, we are doing so in a manner that is safe to customers, employees and supply chain partners.

Giving thanks where it’s due

Liz Scott is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Health and Safety in our workplace here at CHH. This has been part of her role and responsibility for some time, and she immediately sprang into action to co-ordinate everything we needed to implement in order to keep all our staff, customers and suppliers safe whilst on our premises as soon as the Government started to ease the restrictions. A big thank you to Liz and also to all our staff members who are helping to make it possible for us to get back to full service as quickly as possible whilst at the same time keeping everyone as safe as possible.

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