The power of partnership in a COVID-world

As the country learns to live with COVID-19, collaboration will become critical to commercial success.

At CHH CoNeX, we have always positioned the business to play a critical role in supply chain collaboration. At the peak of the pandemic earlier this year we worked closely with our supply chain partners to procure much-needed PPE supplies for field engineers; something that was only made possible thanks to the years we spent forging partnerships with suppliers and customers. As we move the business forwards and adapt to new ways of working in a COVID world, collaboration remains our raison d’etre.

Just recently CHH CoNeX announced a partnership with air sterilisation specialist Pathogen Solutions to assemble their new portable air steriliser, a product that offers the medical sector new hope in the battle against Coronavirus. The product, called Medixair, employs ultraviolet light to decontaminate the air within enclosed indoor environments. The 110-watt unit works by drawing air into the unit and exposing it to UV light, which cleans the air of bacteria and viruses, before pushing the clean air back out again. When deployed within clinics, consulting rooms and medical wards, or other indoor settings, the device can provide an additional level of support against infection.

Our relationship with Pathogen Solutions is another great example of how collaboration can drive innovation and new market entry. Throughout this year we have already seen what can be achieved when manufacturing organisations work together. The UK Ventilator Challenge saw manufacturing organisations from across Britain work together to produce more than 14,000 ventilators for the NHS and you will have read countless stories about businesses collaborating to produce much-needed PPE and other essential supplies.

No manufacturing business has been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic and despite many facing enormous challenges, the way in which the supply chain has worked together and collaborated to innovate its way through the chaos has been truly inspirational. We’ve all been driven by necessity and in some cases survival, to work together; often in new ways, with new partners, to not only help the UK’s own Coronavirus fight, but to breathe life into a struggling economy as well.

Throughout the past 30 years in business, one word has propelled CHH CoNeX forward and helped us to overcome every challenge thrown our way – collaboration. Once the country finds its way past the current Coronavirus challenge, we’ll likely all look back on this experience grateful for new partnerships and business relationships that it enabled.

The past few months have demonstrated that collaboration is a powerful tool that can help businesses navigate their way through shared challenges; be it the present threat of Coronavirus, the future threat of Brexit or anything else the world may bring our way. Collaboration breeds inventiveness, success, information exchange, lower costs, improved reputations and for CHH CoNeX, 30 years of growth.

As we work with Pathogen Solutions to bring Medixair to market, CHH remains open to new collaborations, as we take our business and our supply chain forwards to the next level of growth.

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