Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Why the continued rollout of smart metering is key to the future of the UK transport system

Few recent UK infrastructure projects have been on quite the scale as the smart meter roll out. Commencing in 2011, this project has grown over the course of a decade and the race is now on to complete the project by mid-2025. However, while the project promises homeowners more control over their energy costs and … Read more

How Managed Services helps business meet their sustainability ambitions

For a long time, we’ve all lived and worked in a wasteful world. It became almost too easy to dispose of products once they showed a fault – and also too affordable to replace them rather than fix them. However, with sustainability taking front and centre in everybody’s priorities, particularly post Covid, attitudes are changing … Read more

What does the Government’s £401m investment into rail mean for digitalisation?

You could compare the UK’s rail investment to that of a train itself. You spend years waiting for an influx of cash and then several come at once! Less than a year after the Government ploughed £350m into digital signalling projects on Britain’s railways, it recently announced an additional £450m investment for a range of … Read more

How can we meet the UK’s 5G objectives?

The role of 5G in the UK’s digital infrastructure took centre stage during the recent Queen’s speech, her first State Opening of Parliament since the pandemic began. Discussing the Government’s objectives for the coming session, her Majesty spoke of her intent to transform connectivity by rail and bus [High Speed Rail (Crewe – Manchester) Bill] … Read more

EV charging points: the next wave for smart meters.

How CHH CoNeX will help keep 11 million electric vehicles on the road Despite the backdrop of a pandemic and the disruption this has caused globally to the automotive industry, the electric vehicle (EV) market still saw growth throughout March 2021, accounting for 14% of new car sales. The UK is seeing a growing number … Read more

Back to basics: why fundamental design engineering principles are vital in safety critical environments

Telecommunications infrastructure is ubiquitous. It is everywhere, across all aspects of our lives and one thing that we all know about electronics is that they can and do fail. Power outages alone can mean that everything grinds to a halt. But what if communications failure is not an option? When you need communications infrastructure to … Read more

How to power greater connectivity with fewer resources

There’s no doubt that the UK has become more connected than ever over recent years. The proliferation of smartphone devices and tablets, together with the increase in WiFi and 5G adoption triggered by more people working from home, has put new strain on digital infrastructure resources. Wireless subscribers are consuming more network resources than ever, … Read more

Keep your cool: going with the flow for communication cabinet integration

Ask any business owner what their aims and objectives are this year and in addition to the usual responses of ‘increase profit,’ ‘grow the team’ etc, they are likely to utter the words ‘sustainability’ or ‘climate change.’ It’s no surprise, since we are all beginning to experience the impacts of climate change. Our summers are … Read more