Hidden Heroes

Three Ways Managed Services Keeps Your World Moving Few industries are as critical to the future smart cities agenda as managed services. In fact, the global telecom managed services market size reached USD 20.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 13.6% before 2030[1]. At CHH, it’s a promising area … Read more

Who needs to belong anyway?

Who needs to belong anyway? By Liz Scott, Head of Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Have you ever felt as though you don’t belong? As though you were in an environment that was not meant for you? As though you had to work harder than anybody else to prove your worth? Sadly, it’s a feeling that … Read more

Why women are key to solving the manufacturing skills shortage

A recent meeting between Make UK and the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee revealed the true extent of the manufacturing sector’s skills crisis. During discussions, Make UK revealed that skills shortages are costing the UK £7 billion in lost economic output as companies struggle to fill vacancies. There are currently around four vacancies for … Read more

Sshhh! Have you seen our coolest product yet?

Nobody likes too much noise. Of 117 local authorities across England in the period between February 2020-21, a total of 131,645 noise complaints were recorded: that’s 67 complaints for every 10,000 people.[1] While the vast majority of complaints were linked to residential issues, the total also includes other sources such as noise in the street, … Read more

CHH’s performance as a West Midlands manufacturer gets a worthy mention!

We were fortunate to be featured on @BBC News Midlands Today last night. Our Managing Director Tim Hughes gave an excellent interview on the challenges we’ve faced over the past few years, and how we’ve managed to turn a corner with great success. Watch the interview here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0011x3d/midlands-today-evening-news-22112021  

How CHH CoNeX achieved growth during a pandemic

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living through a pandemic for almost two years now. As it did for many firms, March 2020 brought fear, confusion, and disruption to CHH CoNeX. Coronavirus and government restrictions changed the way we work, paused projects and at times, switched everyone’s mindset from growth to survival. However, it’s … Read more

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Why the continued rollout of smart metering is key to the future of the UK transport system

Few recent UK infrastructure projects have been on quite the scale as the smart meter roll out. Commencing in 2011, this project has grown over the course of a decade and the race is now on to complete the project by mid-2025. However, while the project promises homeowners more control over their energy costs and … Read more

How Managed Services helps business meet their sustainability ambitions

For a long time, we’ve all lived and worked in a wasteful world. It became almost too easy to dispose of products once they showed a fault – and also too affordable to replace them rather than fix them. However, with sustainability taking front and centre in everybody’s priorities, particularly post Covid, attitudes are changing … Read more

How to power greater connectivity with fewer resources

There’s no doubt that the UK has become more connected than ever over recent years. The proliferation of smartphone devices and tablets, together with the increase in WiFi and 5G adoption triggered by more people working from home, has put new strain on digital infrastructure resources. Wireless subscribers are consuming more network resources than ever, … Read more