The power of partnership in a COVID-world

As the country learns to live with COVID-19, collaboration will become critical to commercial success. At CHH CoNeX, we have always positioned the business to play a critical role in supply chain collaboration. At the peak of the pandemic earlier this year we worked closely with our supply chain partners to procure much-needed PPE supplies … Read more

The role of telecoms amid the new normal

As Peter Drucker pointed out, “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence itself, but to act with yesterday’s logic.” The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown has transformed life as we know it. While several businesses closed their doors, few, such as telecoms, were considered vital and had to continue their work … Read more

Staying safe in our new reality

Face masks, sanitiser and localised lockdowns are likely to become as big a part of our life over the next few months as coffee, WiFi and avocados. At CHH CoNeX, as we begin to restore our services to full capacity, I wanted to share some of the steps we have taken over the past few … Read more

The top 5 benefits of polycarbonate trackside data cabinets

The wheels of rail digitalisation are firmly in motion, which means we’re seeing many tried-and-tested products and processes being gradually replaced by more digitally-driven ways of working. A prime example of this is the materials that are now being used for trackside services, for instance, data enclosures. While the tendency may have always been to … Read more

Getting digital transformation on track in the rail sector

Earlier this year, Shanghai’s Hongqiao Railway Station was one of the first major rail sites to benefit from the roll out of 5G Huawei and China Mobile launched the fifth generation mobile telecoms technology to passengers in June 2019, enabling people to stream a 2GB high-definition film in under 20 seconds. It is now expected … Read more